Saturday, August 22, 2009

Journal/Sketchbook Recommendations

So, I know I had y'all google all Moleskine exchanges...they are the most popular to exchange with...most people use the Japanese accordian sketcbook they have.

I'm not going to recommend starting with that type of journal, unless all you reallly want to, for a couple reasons:
1. the japanese accordian book only comes in 3.5 X 5 inches.....and that is reallllllly tiny, especially if you've never really done a lot of journal work.

2.Moleskine sketchpaper is like a really heavy cardstock, almost like a manila folder, and has a bit of a waxy coating on it that can be difficult to adjust to at 1st

3.they're expensive.

Don't get me wrong....i love moleys, but for a 1st exchange, i would hate to see everyone struggling to work with the size and paper more than enjoying the exchange...

so, I'm going to recommend the Hand*Book journals....they are Moleskine knockoffs, at half the price! I love them! They don't make an accordian version, but i think just working in a regular sketchbook format will be ok the 1st time around.....if we want the accordian next time we can switch to the moleskine, or make them ourselves.

Hand*Books can be picked up at Hobby Lobby(although i noticed last time i was in there, they've tremendoulsy reduced their stock) and usually you can get a 40% off coupon online for them....however if you would like the full range of sizes and shapes, David art supply on Vet's carries them, and i can pick one up for you next time i'm over there(if we all decide to go with this as our journal, of course) they come in portrait format, landscape format, and square that gives y'all quite a few creative options.

The paper is amazing...cream colored, and could probably stand up in a hurricane...i haven't found one medium that bleeds through the page, which is very important when trying to keep from damaging a previously done page or messing up the next page for someone else.... maybe markers might bleed? like a sharpie? but those aren't great for journals anywho....

i have several Hand*Book sketches of my own going right now, so feel free to check them out and see how they take paints, pen, graphite, etc:
go to the art journals tab, and then the hand*book tab.....

so let me know what you guys think! if there is a particular journal you were hoping to work in other than this, that is totally fine! it's your journal after all...i'm simply just here to coordinate the ride! we don't all have to have the same type of journal...i know how it is to have a an old favorite....

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Glitz Ink said...

another good journal with watercolor paper, also found at hobby lobby, is The Art of Watercolor's a good deal at 12.99,...however it's only available in portrait format, not landscape...oh, well.